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Our panels combine style with practicality. 

As backsplash and wall panels in a kitchen, our materials are durable and clean with a wipe.

If you're ordering one of our existing designs, they will arrive suited to your dimensions.  We will send a sample for your approval prior to ordering.  Once approved, the creation of the panels is several weeks to delivery to your site.

For custom work, the time frame depends on the speed of the approval process.  For some of our designs, colors may be customized. 

With our background in photography and design, we can also create the imagery, as in the image above, and, from there, create your panels.




Using the panels in furniture


We made furniture using our panels in interesting ways.  

This secretary shown below was created to have a magnetic interior to use as a board for invitations and the like. 

Secretary Front for Website.jpg
Secretary Open for Website.jpg

The 'Campaign' desk had layers of pattern, creating a more complex effect. 

This 'Campaign' pattern is currently available to order.

Drawer Front Detail Blue Chinoiserie.jpg