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The backsplash above was created for a client whose daughter was getting married at their home in Bermuda.


We photographed the world from their terrace on the morning of the marriage, created the collage, and then layered on more details that were further embellishments of the day.

Scrolling down you'll see several options for their kitchen as we present them to our clients.

Created in multiple layers on innovative materials creating visual dimension, the panels are completely heat and chemical resistant, simple, simple, simple to care for, and energize the kitchen of their Southampton, New York home.

SH Bermuda with Bermuda word.FINAL.jpg

an alternative design

SH Bermuda and Dragon alone.FINAL.jpg
Lattice Southampton v.3.jpg

before & after - New YOrk City kitchen

400 WEA Kitchen Fully Panelled for Website.png

This NYC kitchen was due for a facelift.


The walls were covered in the original, sloppily-repaired subway tile from the early 1930's.

Metal panels were added to the walls, original hardware was re-plated to echo the metal walls, and the feeling became 1930's updated for today.

It became a jewel-box of a kitchen and has a nice vibe for entertaining.

There was a discussion about whether to cover the door.

In our opinion, either way was nice. 

Sometimes it's hard to know what to do.  It's easy to add more panels later.

3. Corbett Wright Kitchen Panel Detail.jpg
400 WEA Corner
400 WEA Before.png

And the adjacent Butler's pantry & BAR AREA 

400 WEA Pantry for website.png
400 WEA Pantry Detail for website.3.png